Haoyu Wang
Office: Room 404-1,
New Research Building

Associate Professor
PhD Supervisor
BUPT "1551" Young Talent Plan

School of Computer Science
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Beijing, China
Email: haoyuwang@bupt.edu.cn

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I am an Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT). I am leading the PRIDE Research Group (Security, Privacy, and Dependability in Emerging Software Systems). My research covers a wide range of topics in Software (Program) Analysis, Privacy and Security, eCrime, Internet/System Measurement, and AI Security.

My recent research projects are mainly focused on:
1) Security, privacy and underground market in the mobile app ecosystem (NDSS 2022, ICSE 2021);
2) Fintech & Blockchain Security (SIGMETRICS 2022, USENIX SEC 2021, SIGMETRICS 2021*2);
3) The intersection of AI and program analysis techniques (TOSEM 2021, OOPSLA 2020).

I have published over 80 peer-reviewed papers, including 41 full papers published in top-tier venues (35 CCF-A Papers, and 33 CSRankings Papers). My research usually targets top-tier Software Engineering Venues (ICSE/FSE/ASE/ISSTA), Security Venues (CCS/NDSS/Oakland/USENIXSec), Web and Measurement Venues (WWW/IMC/SIGMETRICS). I have been awarded three best/distinguished paper awards, including WWW 2020 Best Student Paper Award (the first award in China), and ACM OOPSLA 2020 Distinguished Paper Award.

I have released a number of tools and datasets, including LibRadar (LibRadar++), WuKong, CHAMP, and RMVDroid, etc. They have been widely used by the research community and the industry. My research has been covered by over 20 media outlets all around the world, including CoinDesk, Yahoo Finance, Coin Geek, Publish0x, nasdaq.com, Cryptonews CoinGenius, etc.

I received my PhD degree in Computer Science from Peking University in 2016. I was a Visiting PhD Student at Carnegie Mellon University (2014-2015) and a Visiting Professor at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2019).

I'm always looking for highly motivated PhD/master students, visiting students, and BUPT undergraduate interns (RAs) to work in my team. Hard work always pays off!

Selected Recent Publications (Full List)

    Fintech & Blockchain Security

  • Trade or Trick? Detecting and Characterizing Scam Tokens on Uniswap Decentralized Exchange
    Pengcheng Xia(s),Haoyu Wang*, Bingyu Gao(s), Weihang Su(s), Zhou Yu(s), Xiapu Luo, Chao Zhang, Xusheng Xiao, Guoai Xu

  • EOSafe: Security analysis of EOSIO smart contracts
    Ningyu He(s), Ruiyi Zhang, Haoyu Wang*, Lei Wu*, Xiapu Luo, Yao Guo*, Ting Yu, and Xuxian Jiang.
    Proceedings of the 30th USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security 2021) PDF

  • SADPonzi: Detecting and Characterizing Ponzi Schemes in Ethereum Smart Contracts
    Weimin Chen(s), Xinran Li(s), Yuting Sui(s), Ningyu He(s), Haoyu Wang*, Lei Wu, and Xiapu Luo.

  • Mobile Security, Mobile App Ecosystem Analysis

  • Uncovering Cross-Context Inconsistent Access Control Enforcement in Android
    Hao Zhou,Haoyu Wang, Xiapu Luo, Ting Chen, Yajin Zhou, Ting Wang
    The Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS 2022) PDF

  • CHAMP: Characterizing Undesired App Behaviors from User Comments based on Market Policies
    Yangyu Hu(s), Haoyu Wang*, Tiantong Ji, Xusheng Xiao, Xiapu Luo, Peng Gao and Yao Guo.
    Proceedings of the 43rd ACM/IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2021) PDF

  • Mobile App Squatting
    Yangyu Hu(s), Haoyu Wang*, Ren He, Li Li, Gareth Tyson, Ignacio Castro, Yao Guo, Lei Wu and Guoai Xu.
    Proceedings of the Web Conference 2020 (WWW'20) PDF BEST STUDENT PAPER AWARD

  • AI Security, AI + Program Analysis

  • DeepWukong: Statically Detecting Software Vulnerabilities using Deep Graph Neural Network
    Xiao Cheng(s),Haoyu Wang*, Jiayi Hua(s), Guoai Xu and Yulei Sui.
    Proceedings of ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM) PDF

  • DeepBackdoor: Black-box Backdoor Attack on Deep Learning Models through Neural Payload Injection
    Yuanchun Li, Jiayi Hua(s), Haoyu Wang*, Chunyang Chen and Yunxin Liu.
    Proceedings of the 43rd ACM/IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2021) PDF

  • Flow2Vec: Value-Flow-Based Precise Code Embedding
    Yulei Sui, Xiao Cheng(s), Guanqin Zhang, and Haoyu Wang.
    Proceedings of ACM OOPSLA 2020 PDF ACM SIGPLAN Distinguished Paper AWARD